My best OTB WIN against 14th Woman World Champion GM Anna Ushenina


Description: How to beat a World Woman Champion? Definitely it’s not an easy job believe me. All the people are fighting to win the game and especially the professional chess players much more. That’s why the psychological moment and final element of win is not easy to realize it and achieve it.

If someone who crushed you down before 2:0 by White pieces and you should meet her/him again and fight – it’s a great challenge and crossing of loosing barrier. Tactic motifs are everywhere in the game just because you can enjoy watching how to convert advantage when opponent doesn’t wish to make 0-0. Are you ready to sacrifice? Is it the correct moment to throw away any pawn? Am I having enough compensation for it afterwards? All these questions desire and fire! Hope so you are going to study anything out of Alapin opening and my middlegame technique out of this game!

Level:  Professional of Rating 2300+

Duration: 15minutes and 5seconds

Category: Middlegame part – Analyzing of my favourite game

Level: Professional of Rating 2300+ Duration: 15minutes and 5seconds Category: Middlegame part – Analyzing of my favourite game

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